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Services incorporate; preventative, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities which dovetail seamlessly with planning and strategic policies.

Crisis & Risk Management

Comprehensive operating procedures developed over many years, support MIRIS when detailing roles, responsibilities and drills. These can be tested by MIRIS led security exercises based on bespoke scenarios to meet your requirements, ensuring you are prepared with a recovery strategy, should the worst happen.


MIRIS offer discreet due diligence investigations and audits of an individual or company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients and more, that details how a business functions. It is vital to conduct due diligence investigations before mergers, acquisitions, joint venture, partnership deals and countless other business scenarios, to reveal any hidden liabilities, which MIRIS deem as red flags requiring further investigation. The results of our services will then act as a spotlight into past dealings and behaviour which in turn may give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future. MIRIS experts are always on hand to discuss your needs in the utmost confidence to assist in formulating an action plan using our various levels of service and expertise.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is ultimately one of the greatest opportunities – and challenges – facing individuals and organisations today.

Get it right and it will help you to flourish: nowadays intangible assets such as relationships and brand reputation make up to 75% of a businesses’ value. Get it wrong and you quickly become very vulnerable indeed.

It is vital to have the right skills, tools, knowledge and assets in place to give you the best chance of protecting your business and ensuring the long-term sustainability of your relationships. At MIRIS, we can help you to find the right strategy to protect and safeguard your reputation and the long-term success of your organisation. Our services include:

1. Prevention

  • Reputation health check and audits
  • Crisis planning, manual and handbook development
  • Stakeholder mapping and gap analyses
  • Social media issue and brand tracking
  • Crisis Communications workshops
  • Crisis scenario testing
  • Media training, coaching and preparation
  • Hostile reaction training
  • Anticipation training – understanding the anatomy of crisis communications
  • Diffusion planning and techniques
  • Communications planning – internal and external
  • Response planning and liaising with legal

2. Management

  • Operating early warning systems
  • Real-time crisis tracking with hourly/daily/weekly reporting
  • Out of hours press office service
  • Antagonist auditing and influencer tracking
  • Crisis management statements
  • Executive and management support

3. Recovery

  • Repositioning
  • Reframing
  • Developing positive communications and outreach
  • Closing loops and emerging from crisis

Our reputation management team is led by communications specialists and former journalists with expertise in brand development, stakeholder engagement, crisis management, public affairs and media relations.


The aim of a BSR is to provide consultancy captured in a detailed report in relation to security systems, procedures and technologies commensurate with the threat profile and client expectations. Security is to be integral to the design and build process if a new build or retrospectively added if it is an existing site. Consideration must be given to factors such as Design Based Threat and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Secured by Design (SBD) principles.

MIRIS International will draw from a pool of associate consultants who are physical and technical security systems specialists qualified to review existing systems or for the design process, site survey and project management of new build projects.

Each phase of the Project will require a number of skill sets and subject matter experts (dependant on specifications and operational requirements) to ensure that proportionate measures and systems are implemented.

Crisis, Communication and Media Support

Preparation and effective response are at the heart of successful crisis management. We see it as imperative, our clients are well informed of what the specific risks are and what to do if an incident occurs. Based on in-depth assessments of your need, including risk profile and bespoke requirements, MIRIS can provide the tools to manage a crisis before, during and after the incident, whether it be following a natural disaster, urgent evacuations during civil unrest or serious incidents overseas and kidnap or ransom situations. Our clients include media broadcasters and their field teams working in developing or hostile places. These clients are provided with detailed journey plans, route recommendations and in-country intelligence that equip them with essential specific information to help ensure their safety and equip them with the tools to respond rapidly to a developing situation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Country Threat Assessments

The realities of understanding the environment to which you travel forms a vital part of your international business. In a global economy, the ability to appreciate a country’s political risk, security threats, and other uncertainties before your travel is vital to the decision-making process. You need to know the on-the-ground facts about a country, not just what can be uncovered from a few clicks of an Internet search and visiting various travel sites or advisory pages. At MIRIS, our country threat assessments can provide your organisation with the information you need regarding an unstable political environment, economic and industrial espionage concerns, corruption and scam warnings, crime statistics, security studies and scenario forecasting.

NGO & Charity

Providing security risk management support to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and charities who typically operate in developing countries or areas in crisis. MIRIS’ diverse expertise ensures personnel are kept safe at every stage of their activity from immediate situational awareness through to long-term strategic analysis, preparedness and security support. MIRIS services in this sector have been developed over many years and are recognised as meeting the most fundamental requirements in today’s volatile and complex environments.

Close Protection

Corporate people are our greatest asset and the driving force behind our goals. We understand the importance of protecting those individuals, regardless of where they are located. Close Protection services are designed and based on a comprehensive risk management process and implemented in a proportional and dynamic approach aligned to our client’s needs.

Through our extensive international ‘trusted’ network, we have facilitated teams accompanying our Ultra-high Net Worth (UHNW) clients and global corporate organisations when visiting high-risk environments. We focus on providing a tailored, personalised risk management service for your peace of mind. Through stringent security reviews of properties and travel plans, we provide solutions that enhance business and leisure activity in areas that might otherwise be restricted, as well providing highly professional Close Protection teams.

Journey Management

An extensive global network enables MIRIS to offer 24/7 discreet security services to clients as they engage in activities across the world. Our Intelligence analysts prepare detailed travel risk assessments covering security and criminal threats. Management of the external risk environment at all stages of the journey management project, provides our operations team with a dynamic situational awareness, so our clients can focus on their core activities with confidence.


The hostile Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) reconnaissance originating from an unqualified individual attempting to invade the privacy or gather intelligence in the form of photos and video of infrastructure, personal and movements has increasingly become a very real threat. Both the commercial and private sectors have now been affected with damaged property, disruption to airports, sensitive sites and businesses. MIRIS can deploy qualified teams with access to specialist anti-drone equipment proven to neutralise the wrongful and illegal misuse of aircraft activities. This innovative technology can be left in situ or temporarily placed for short term projects. For more information please contact us.

Cyber Security

MIRIS offers specialist cyber security services deliberately customised to your specific business demands, built around six key principles:

1. Identify

Delivering a holistic and comprehensive assessment under a structured cyber security audit framework, we will identify your current risk and immediate exposure to cyber-threats.

2. Protect

Propose solutions and assist you in the implementation to mitigate cyber-attacks, minimise exposure and protect your assets.

3. Detect

Guide you in developing and implementing workable technology systems and business practices capable of detecting potential cyber-attacks at the earliest opportunity.

4. Respond

To further reduce the impact of the inevitability of a cyber-attack, we will assist you in developing a coordinated and planned response and ensure the availability of specialist skills and resources needed to minimise your risk and disturbance to day-to-day business activities.

5. Recover

Cyber-attacks can take months to control even after detection. A rapid recovery of compromised systems is vital. We will assist in formulating a prompt recovery response and ensure the processes, technical skills and technologies are in-place so that no further information and systems are compromised.

6. Investigate

Critical to minimising the risk of any further attacks is the need to establish the likely target of an attack, recover lost assets and identify potential offenders.

We offer specialist cyber investigation services to establish the individuals compromised or involved, the technical processes exploited, through to the recovery of often concealed complex technical evidence using digital forensic tools and techniques.


Email is the most popular form of electronic communication, but it is not secure. Sending sensitive personal data by normal email leaves you susceptible to cyber-crime and in turn may contravene legislation. Failure to comply might expose your clients or businesses with whom you work, to immeasurable damage and leave you open to financial and reputational risk. Data protection legislation (GDPR) requires us all to protect our customers’ data. In response to this, MIRIS has adopted Mailock, which is a secure email delivery system from Beyond Encryption, designed to provide a simple, effective and highly secure transport mechanism for your sensitive and confidential email content and attachments. As MIRIS is operating in the security sector where cybercrime is increasing and becoming more costly for organisations, Mailock ensures we send and receive secure email across multiple platforms and devices as well as a means of identifying the intended recipient before permitting access to any of your sensitive data. Find out more here.

The MIRIS team is available 24/7 to support your needs

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Discretion, trust and professionalism, these values drive MIRIS’ family office and VIP services.

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Superyachts and Cruise Liners face an ongoing threat from piracy and criminal attack. MIRIS expertise in this field are second to none.

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MIRIS is at the forefront of reputational assurance when operating in complex environments particularly the High Risk Areas of the Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean.

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MIRIS is at the forefront of reputational assurance when operating in complex environments particularly the High Risk Areas of the Gulf of Guinea and Indian Ocean.

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Superyachts and Cruise Liners face an ongoing threat from piracy and criminal attack. MIRIS expertise in this field are second to none.

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Services incorporate; preventative, mitigation, response and recovery capabilities which dovetail seamlessly with planning and strategic policies.

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Discretion, trust and professionalism, these values drive MIRIS’ family office and VIP services.

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